At Likewise we subscribe to three major principles:

At Likewise our philosophy is driven by three major principles:

  • Involve experts in strategy and road map definition 
  • Experience drives efficiency and success
  • Consultants can remove barriers employees cannot

You should work with the people that have the actual experience. Large management consultant companies will provide their customers with intelligent, elite, recent MBA graduates that are lightly trained to follow a template driven process.  This allows little room for listening and leaves the customer wondering how this can be applied to their specific needs. This typically results in much longer, more expensive engagement because the resource assigned to drive the project lacked the years of industry experience necessary to avoid the pitfalls. At Likewise, we believe your consultant should already have scars from years of challenging projects with sound advice on how to succeed.  Although the larger firm is great at adding more resources at your expense when the project runs into challenges, we believe knowing how to avoid the trouble yields a better relationship and value for the customer. 

Our experience allows us to drive efficiency, saving you time and money, in achieving actual success.