Core components of the Internet of Things (IOT) are the Internet, things(devices) and the ability to connect.  However, the true utility and success is going to be found in solving real world needs without over emphasis on the tool.

Although our motto is to balance innovation and practicality,  in the world of IOT the approach has to change. Instead, we need to be able to balance invention with practicality for our customers.  This presents different challenges that if missed leads to products without differentiation or are so watered down, add no value to the consumer.

Likewise's first step in helping any organization is engaging at the executive level to make sure the important organizational elements for business success, as well as a technical approach, are in place.  Some of the details that we assess and consider when helping create an IOT solution with a customer include:

  • Change Management
  • Scalabilty
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Business Process
  • Market Strategy
  • Device Security