Merger Integration


Likewise focuses on providing services to private equity and venture capital firms who are planning investments or are seeking to improve the performance of portfolio companies. Our focus is to enhance the performance of portfolio companies and maximize the value of investments through successful integration.

We assess and analyze the combined businesses and how their processes relate.  We create a detailed, strategic integration plan that can be operationalized.  The plan is not based on rebuilding the ultimate solution that will take years to implement but instead is the plan with appropriate timelines and milestones to ensure that success is achieved.

We provide management consulting, support and options with recommendations for how to best meet the business needs while driving adoption and staying on schedule and in budget.  In this process, we establish a rhythm of reporting to identify and resolve any additional integration issues that will inevitably arise.

Likewise Consulting’s integration services includes the following process:

  1. Stakeholder Interviews - Meet with company management and key stakeholders or influencers to accurately define shared objectives
  2. Assessment and Inventory - Analyze relevant areas such as data structures, content usage and workflow
  3. Develop Strategy - Develop full implementation and strategy plan for integration with definitive milestones in line with defined  objectives
  4. Implementation - Provide ongoing management consulting and project management to ensure achievement of milestones set forth in the integration plan
  5. Oversight - Oversee integration and organizational change management


Business Process Improvement
Technical Implementation Oversight
Change Management
Risk Assessment and Mitigation